ENLIGHTENED BY DESIGN: Using contemplative wisdom to bring peace, wealth, warmth & energy into your home

by Helen Berliner

Enlightened by Design offers simple, practical ways to realign our homes, gardens, workspaces, and lives with the natural laws that govern our world: heaven and earth, the four directions, and the five styles of energy that arise from them. This book will help you create the life-affirming environments that are not only a joy, but also a necessary part of any healthy society.

Based on Tibetan style feng shui, Enlightened by Design takes a contemplative—or mindful, wakeful—approach to environmental design, to uncover the ordinary magic and extraordinary power of place. Filled with wonderful illustrations from many wisdom traditions—Native American, Celtic, African, and Asian—it shows how we are one with nature and how, from this point of view, ecology and good design are one and the same.

Enlightened by Design has been translated into Spanish, German, Chinese, and Korean.

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