Helen Berliner has 25 years experience in environmental design/feng shui. Dividing her time between the East Coast of the US and Canada, she travels widely to help clients develop optimum living and work spaces.

Her projects include homes and gardens, therapeutic spaces, retail and corporate spaces, facilities for children and the elderly, and community centers—as well as site evaluations for residential and commercial building projects. Her clients include home and business owners, realtors, architects, and interior designers.

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Previous Clients

Hillsdale Manor, a 300 bed, $34 million dollar long term care facility in Oshawa for the Regional Municipality of Durham, completed in 2002: Consultation with architect Clive Russell (Mekinda Snyder Partnership) – pictures below

Vitrocer S.A., Cadempino, Switzerland: Consultation with Simon and Soheyla Akchoti

Spring Arts House, Gainesville, FLA: Consultation with Kathryn Lehman (Santa Fe Community College Endowment Corporation)